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My ipad has been setup with OneDrive, and I had initially configured the photos to automatically upload, so I have a backup of them, off my device. The upload worked great for the first upload, but the ongoing iPad photo upload to onedrive fails with no errors showing.

I finally found the fix

On the iPad
Go to Settings
Scroll down to OneDrive
Enable Background App Refresh
Mine was disabled

Over the next day or so, your iPad should begin uploading all of your photos again to OneDrive!


Scanning a Network Using A MAC

  • MAC

When NMAP isn’t available, use the following

Click on Spotlight (The Magnifying Glass)

Type Terminal to open the command line

Type the following:

for i in {1..254}; do ping -c 2 192.168.1.$i | grep ‘bytes’ ; done

Press Enter

One by one, each ip will be ping’d. Slow, yes…but useful in a pinch