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Data Leakage From Your Home/Mining Network

How to Scan and Identify Issues at the Perimeter of your Network

A question that has been asked multiple times is how do I know what my risk is at the border of my network….Miners and Wallet holders are concerned due to the increased risk of compromised wallets, and compromised mining rigs. So to answer this I will send you to a few quick places to do a spot check on your exposure.

  1. Find out your external IP by visiting
  2. Sign up for an account at
  3. Place your External IP in the search box on and see the results of your network. If there are known CVEs (vulnerabilities) on the open ports of your network, it will be displayed here. You MUST fix the issues identified by the CVEs
  4. Run a scan from outside of your network. Meaning, go visit your cousin, or some family member. Hop onto their network, and run the following nmap scan against your network. This scan is a lot more detailed, and will be a longer, slower process. But the resulting open ports and banners will give you more places to look in your quest to secure your network. Replace the with your External IP. nmap -sV –script=banner

There you have it. Some quick tools to see what the perimeter of your network looks like. Remember to follow up on every open port, banner, and CVE…lock your system down now before it is compromised.