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This is the continuation of a series of articles, that help you divorce your life from BIG TECH. With the recent events in American Politics, the need for these guides has become apparent. I hope this guide assists in your journey to protect yourself.

Using a password manager is recommended….Allowing google to harvest your passwords…bad idea. This guide will show you how to quickly delete all of your passwords from Chrome, at once.

On a Windows 10 computer
Open Chrome
Press ctrl and h at the same time to show your History
Select Clear Browsing Data from the Menu on the left
You will have two options, Basic and Advanced
Select Advanced
Time Range: All Time
Place a checkmark next to Everything in the list below
Click Clear Data

All of your data and passwords will be erased.

To finish it off, disconnect the Sync option by selecting Turn off sync and personalization

You are well on your way to divorcing yourself from Google