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So, I have disabled my windows firewall….because it breaks some of the apps I run on the daily. Now that the firewall is disabled, about 15 seconds after using my computer (right after it turns on), i get this extremely annoying sound, and a very annoying popup alerting me to the fact that I have disabled it. Yes Microsoft, I know I disabled it…i dont like your firewall. It kinda sucks. Infact it is about the worst one I have ever used. So i keep it off. BUUUUT the notification continues to pester me on the daily….To disable windows 10 firewall notifications, I ran the following command set, and it worked for a bit…but the annoying popups persist. Hopefully these steps help you.

Click the Type Here to Search bar

Search for Control Panel

Select Security and Maintenance

Select Change Security and Maintenance Settings

Under the Security Messages section

Uncheck Network Firewall

Reboot, and watch to see it it is now fixed