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For those of you who need to get a positive reputation on your domain for email campaigns, you first need to warm up the domain. Here is a simple power automate flow to assist with the task.

Login into

Click on the Menu to the Top Left of the screen

Select Power Automate

Click My Flows

Click +New Flow

Select Scheduled Cloud Flow

Give it a Name, Start Date, and Interval on how often you want it to run

Click Next

Click + Next Step

Type in mail and press Enter

Select Send EMAIL V3

Put in the FROM address of a user for the new domain you want to send email to

Enter in a To Address for another email you own, that is off domain from the domain you are warming up.

Enter in a Subject

Add some Text to the Body

Click Save

Test your Flow, and email should go though now.

Next you will want to setup an auto reply on the receiving email address, and also setup a power automate flow from the email domain so you can generate content coming out of it.