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Ended 3 Pro – Massive Layer Shift in Mid Print [SOLVED]

OK so I was in the middle of printing the gauntlet from the predator costume and about halfway through the print a massive layer shift occurred. Continuing on with the print thinking that I can just cut that Layer and reattach it properly another massive layer shift happened.

Layer shift generally happens very early on in the print out is because a base layer essentially had issues. With this being so far and you can tell that’s not the case at all …. so what was causing all this

After re-slicing and re-printing check in the environmental factors and 100 other things the final verdict on it was……


This was printed in an enclosure in the ambient temperature was above 90°F. This temperature in the enclosure caused the later shift because one of the Axis motors temporarily overheated and shut down, all while the other two motors kept on printing. When the motor restarted it was in the wrong position causing the later shift.