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Installing XMR-STAK on Ubuntu with NVidia 1080TI

How-To guide for installing XMR-STAK on Ubuntu 16.04.04 for Mining LOKI

I prefer linux (more specifically Ubuntu) for mining, and have preferred linux since I began mining in 2012/2013.  I was finally fed up with Windows 10 mining of Loki after the most recent set of Windows updates broke several of my rigs.  So I used a small ubuntu rig that I used for testing, and was able to install the XMR-STAK app onto it.  As happy as ever to be able to mine Loki now with Ubuntu, I thought I should put together this quick guide and hope that it may be beneficial to others.  Some of the steps are from github, some are from other sites, some I had found myself.  This is a central place to get you up and running without having to look too far.

For this guide I am assuming you already have a mining rig built with the following:

Ubuntu 16.04.04

NVidia 1080TI Cards

Loki Wallet already downloaded, installed, and the wallet address ready

I am going to run the commands logged in as sudo to make this quick and easy

Now, onto the guide:

sudo bash

apt-get install libmicrohttpd-dev libssl-dev cmake build-essential libhwloc-dev screen

mkdir /miner && mkdir /miner/drivers

git clone

mkdir xmr-stak/build

cd xmr-stak/build

cmake ..

make install

cd /miner/drivers/xmr-stak/build/bin/


You will need to insert a port for monitoring the progress.  I use port 30131 and press Enter

Next type in cryptonight_heavy and press Enter

For the pool address, I use  press Enter

Your username will be your wallet address, for example


The password will be your worker name.  For example mine is Miner23

Your Rig Identifier can be empty, so just press Enter

Input N for TLS and press Enter

Insert N for Nicehash and press Enter

Input N for multiple pools and press Enter

Select Yes when prompted

Mining will begin!

Once you see it mining properly, hit CTRL + C to cancel the mining.  You will want to run it in screen, so you can disconnect from the terminal and the miner will continue to run. To do that run:

screen ./xmr-stak

It will run and you can now disconnect from your putty session or whatever way you are logged in.  If you want to reconnect to your terminal at any time, run the following and you can see your miner running

screen -r

That’s it!  Thanks for reading!

The hardware that I used in this guide:
Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (QTY 6):

Motherboard (QTY 1):

CPU (QTY 1):

Memory (QTY 1):

Hard Drive (QTY 1):

Risers (QTY 6):

Power Supplies (QTY 2):

Add2PSU (QTY 1):

Power Switch (QTY 1):