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LOKI Wallet – Windows Installation

How-To guide for installing the LOKI Desktop Wallet

This is a guide to installing the Windows version of the Loki Desktop Wallet.  Save your Wallet Seed and Password in a secure place.  Do NOT keep them on the same computer as your wallet.

Download the Loki-Gui-Win64 wallet from

Unzip/Extract the zipped folder loki-gui-win64 to your Desktop

Navigate to the Desktop of your computer

Open the new loki-gui-win64 folder

Double click on the start-low-graphics-mode.bat file

Loki will start

Select your Language

Click Create a New Wallet

Copy down your wallet seedDO NOT LOSE THIS

Click the next Arrow

Create a strong PasswordDO NOT LOSE THIS

Click the next Arrow

Click the next Arrow again

Click Use LOKI

Your wallet is now installed

To find out your wallet address, click Receive.  Once you have that, you can use that in your miners to receive payments