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Mining LOKI on Windows 10 with NVidia 1080TI Cards

How-to Guide for Mining LOKI

Quick rundown on how to mine a new crypto named LOKI or LOK as some of you may know it as.  I mine it with both NVidia and AMD series cards.  This guide will walk you through mining it with NVidia Series cards.  You will find that the guide is a mirror of the AMD guide, except for how you fine tune it at the end.

The mining software will throw errors with your AV program.  You will need to whitelist the files when they are downloaded, or disable Realtime Protection..  Personally, I only use Windows Defender on my mining rigs, so I can keep the costs down, plus it is easy to wipe and reinstall the OS if need be.

For Windows Defender, you will need to open the program up, and disable Realtime Protection

If you are using Chrome as your Browser, you will also need to allow the download there as well.  To do this:

Open up Chrome

In your address bar type in chrome://settings and press Enter

Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced

De-Select “Protect your device from dangerous sites” 

Now you can download the software

Open up another chrome tab and download XMR-STAK to your Windows 10 computer from here:

Once you have it downloaded, go ahead and unzip the file to your Desktop

Navigate to the unpacked files

Double click on xmr-stak and Run the file

You will need to insert a port for monitoring the progress.  I use port 30131 and press Enter

Next type in cryptonight_heavy and press Enter

For the pool address, I use  press Enter

Your username will be your wallet address, for example


Your password will be your worker name.  For example mine is Miner6

Your Rig Identifier can be empty, so just press Enter

Input N for TLS and press Enter

Insert N for Nicehash and press Enter

Input N for multiple pools and press Enter

Select Yes when prompted

and your miner will begin!

Now you can use the ipaddress:port/h of your miner to keep an eye on it’s progress from anywhere in the network.  For example, navigate to

Once you are mining, you can open up the nvidia.txt file in the same directory as your xmr-stak executable.  Within the nvidia.txt file, you will be able to modify your settings.  I have found that changing the threads setting it will yield the most results.  Each series of card can act differently, so spend some time, and fine tune this settings.  It will be worth the time invested.

Happy Mining!

The hardware that I used in this guide:
Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (QTY 6):

Motherboard (QTY 1):

CPU (QTY 1):

Memory (QTY 1):

Hard Drive (QTY 1):

Risers (QTY 6):

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