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Home » Crypto » Mining LOKI with RX 480 Nitro 8GB Cards on Ubuntu 18.04

Mining LOKI with RX 480 Nitro 8GB Cards on Ubuntu 18.04

Quick How-To Guide

This guide assumes that you have Ubuntu 18.04 setup fresh.

On another computer, download the AMD drivers from the vendor’s website

Use winscp and move them to the computer

On the Mining Rig, login, and from the command line you will want to navigate to the directory you copied your AMD Drivers to….most likely it will be your home directory (/home/username/)

sudo bash

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade


Look for those AMD Drivers

tar -xJvf amdgpu-pro-18.50-756341-ubuntu-18.04.tar.xz

cd amdgpu-pro-18.50-756341-ubuntu-18.04/

sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386

./amdgpu-pro-install -y –opencl=legacy

mkdir /miner && cd /miner

apt install clinfo -y

apt-get install git build-essential cmake libuv1-dev libmicrohttpd-dev

apt-get install libssl-dev

git clone

mkdir xmrig-amd/build

cd xmrig-amd/build

cmake ..


apt install mesa-opencl-icd -y


@echo off
./xmrig-amd -a cryptonight-ultralite –donate-level 1 -o -u LChtjHqr29p5FojLdMtcUW5ApLWyQHH5j4366V78YECEjUkgK99Y7uLDVLpHjXpYM3UcZ39FFL5Gvd4debF95mcJHbnx5ke -p w=rx480 -k -o -u LChtjHqr29p5FojLdMtcUW5ApLWyQHH5j4366V78YECEjUkgK99Y7uLDVLpHjXpYM3UcZ39FFL5Gvd4debF95mcJHbnx5ke -p w=rx480 -k

Save the file and Exit

chmod +x


And your rig will begin to mine