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This is the continuation of a series of articles, that help you divorce your life from BIG TECH. With the recent events in American Politics, the need for these guides has become apparent. I hope this guide assists in your journey to protect yourself.

If you are an iPhone / iPad user, you rely heavily on either Safari, or Chrome for your daily browsing. This guide will show you how to replace it with DuckDuckGo, and below the reasons will become apparent as to why.

On your iPad
Open the App Store
Click Search
Type in DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
Click GET
Enter your Apple Password
The Application will now install

Once it has installed
Open the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
The welcome screen will appear, and it will explain the application to you.
Make sure you select Set as Default Browser
When selecting that, your Settings will open up
You will need to scroll down to DuckDuckGo and open the settings
Change Default Browser App from Safari, to DuckDuckGo
Once Done, you can Click DuckDuckGo at the top left corner of the screen to return to the app setup
Here you can now continue following the guide, which walks you through the user experience features
Key features to note are:
Your Searches ARE Anonymous
Your History is not stored after you close the app
The Fire Symbol will let you burn your browser data immediately
If Tracking cookies try to follow you, you will see the notification
Do not use, as DuckDuckGo cannot stop it from tracking you, if you search from that site
You can search using the address bar instead

Enjoy safe browsing!