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Testing and Securing Against a WPS Attack

How To Check If You Are Vulnerable, and Then Secure Your Network

First you will want to download and install reaver, wash and airmon-ng.  If you are running Kali or Parrot, it is already there.  You will also need a wireless adapter that is capable of packet injection.  Assuming you have those, you will want to open a terminal and run the following

sudo bash


Note which adapter is your wireless card, that is capable of packet injection.  For the rest of this, lets assume it is wlan0.

airmon-ng check kill

wash -i wlan0

Note the BSSID of your Wireless Access Point / Wireless Router

reaver -i wlan0 -b MacAddressOfMyRouter -vv 

After some time my router/ap gave up the ghost.  It showed my WPS pin.  I am running a wireless router with a Broadcom chip, which is susceptible.

To fix this, I had to log into my wireless router, navigate to the WPS settings, and I changed it from Enabled to Disabled.  I saved the settings, and voila…I haven’t been able to crack the WPS pin again