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The time has come to remove your information from BIG TECH. This guide will show you how to get your data off of APPLE’s iCloud, so you can move it to Microsoft (who has largely, and wisely, stayed out of American Politics as of late)

First you will want to log into your iCloud account.
On your computer, open a Browser (not Chrome) and navigate to
Sign in
Click Calendar
On the left side, select the calendar you want to export
Click on the bars next to it
Select Public
Copy the web address. it will look something like this:
Open another browser window on your computer (Not Chrome)
Paste the following into the window:
And change the webcal text to https, so it looks like this:

Press Enter, and it will take some time, however your entire calendar will now be downloaded as an ics file

Make sure you do this for each of your calendars

To Import the data into Outlook
Open Outlook
Click File
Select Open & Export
Click Import Export
Choose Import and iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)
Click Next
Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the calendars to
Select a Calendar
Click OK
Choose Import
The calendar will import, and any errors that occur will be displayed
Once the import has completed, the dialog box will automatically close. So keep an eye on the success / failures during the import

Finally, it is time to clean up / delete your calendar from iCloud
Back to the iCloud Calendar page in your web browser
In the Calendar section to the left you will see the Edit link at the bottom
Select Edit
Then click the Red Circle next to each calendar that you want to delete, to remove it
Click Delete when prompted
Your calendar will now delete and your data will be safe from Apple moving forward


This is the continuation of a series of articles, that help you divorce your life from BIG TECH. With the recent events in American Politics, the need for these guides has become apparent. I hope this guide assists in your journey to protect yourself.

Each and every time you download an app to your iPad or your iPhone, Siri jumps in and attempts to mine data about you, your behaviors, and they send this data back to BIG TECH…. Here is how to protect yourself from it

After downloading an application onto your iPad or your iPhone
From the device’s “Desktop”
Open the Settings App
Scroll down to the Application section where the recently installed application shows up
Click on the Application
Select Siri & Search from the menu on the Right
In this sub menu, deselect (Change from Green to Grey) each item
Learn from this App
Show Suggestions from APP
Suggest App
Show App in Search
Show Content in Search

You will also have to do this for every single app that was installed prior. I also suggest after every major update, you double check to ensure your settings have not been changed

Phone Number Privacy Apps – 2018

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Private Numbers Apps for Your Cell Phone

The need to keep your number private increases by the day.  Websites, and Applications constantly request your cell phone number to verify who you are, when you sign up, but how do you know you can trust these sites?  Who has access to your cell phone number now?  The lack of privacy is growing by the day.  I don’t know about you, but I do not want my cell number all over craigslist every time I contact a potential seller for something.

The solution to the problem is easy, keep your cell number private and use a temporary number to Text, or Call from.  You can receive temporary numbers to get the access you need and still remain private.  Below you will find a list of applications that will help you on this quest, and a bit of info about each.

– No phone number required during Sign-Up
– No email required during Sign-Up
– You can purchase a number for a few dollars through the App Store, instead of putting your info into some third party site
– Allows for a secure passcode when you open the app each time

– Requires an email address to join, however this can be a throwaway address from any domain such as gmail
– You will have a free number to use for text messaging or receiving text messages, and you can use this to sign up for other apps on the list if you so choose.

– Verification using a phone number that the app can text. You could use a TextFree number to receive this verification.
– App requires you to buy a package immediately during signup, so this is where my research ended

– Name and Email address required during Sign-Up. You can use a free email service to receive the verification.
– App requires you to buy a package immediately to receive a phone number, so this is where I stopped as well.

– Requires a number to Sign-Up. You CAN NOT use a TextFree number for this verification, it gives you an error about an Unsupported Carrier. So it will require your actual cell phone number sign up, and defeats the purpose of why we want the app.

– Requires a number when signing up. This can be a TextFree number.
– 7-Day Free Trial is available as well. So you can use this service, just remember to cancel it after the 7 days is up, unless you want the number for a longer period of time.

Choose which works best for you, or a combination of two apps.  I liked the ability to get a free TextFree Number to receive the verifications from the other apps, and would suggest starting with that.