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I have been trying for weeks, if not months, to get my hands on the new AMD and NVidia video cards, and just cannot. They are always sold out on, amazon and many other sites. So I had taken a deeper dive into why this is happening….and it is one simple word…bots.

Thankfully one user on github was sick of it too, so they wrote an open source bot, and released it to everyone, to help level the playing field. Below you will find the info on how to setup this bot to help you, do your normal holiday shopping, against these bots.

First you will need to follow this guide:

Once you set your Raspberry Pi up, you can pick up the rest here:

From the Desktop of your Raspberry Pi
Open a terminal and type the following:
sudo bash
Enter your password
apt- get update
apt-get upgrade
Your Pi will update

Once it is updated, run the following
apt-get dist-upgrade
The distribution will upgrade now

After it finishes updating, type the following
mkdir /installs
chmod 777 /installs
cd /installs
apt install git

After your system reboots, from the desktop
Open a terminal
sudo bash
Enter your password
cd /installs/fairgame
apt install python3-pip
pip install pipenv
pipenv shell
pipenv install

This will probably fail with an error, however the major dependencies have been satisfied, so your bot will work.

Now time to test the bot
python3 bestbuy –sku [6440913]


From here you will want to refer to the Readme in your /installs/fairgame directory to see exactly how you will want to run the bot now that it works.

Hardware I used:
Raspberry Pi 4 (4gb)

SanDisk 32GB Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter

CanaKit 3.5A Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply (USB-C)

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 Micro HDMI Cable – 6 Feet

SanDisk MobileMate USB 3.0 microSD Card Reader (Only needed if you dont have a Micro SD Reader/Writer slot in your computer)