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  • Power BI

I have been scraping Wikipedia for islands information, and building models in Power BI around them. One thing that I run into over and over is the lack of a certain field in each of the scrapes. The scraped don’t have the name of the State associated with the island names. So I will have to fix this by adding custom columns in Power BI / Power Query, so my models have better visuals. To do this you will need to perform the following:

Click Transform data to open Power Query Editor
Select Add Column from the Main Menu
Click Column From Examples
Select From All Columns
Enter in a value – for me I put in NH, and press Enter
Enter in your value a second time…for me it was placing NH in the second row, Now the rest of the rows should auto populate with the data (again for me NH showed in every subsequent row)
Click OK
Rename the leader from Literal, to State

You are done! Thanks for reading