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extrusion width

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To figure this out, you can download Teaching Tech’s files on Thingiverse

Unpack the files

Open up Simplify3d

Import the file called cube

Go to your processes and change the following settings:
On the Extruder tab
Set extrusion width to 0.48
Set extrusion multiplier to 1.00
Drag the Infill slider to Zero
On the Layer tab
Set Top Solid Layers to 0
Set Bottom Solid Layers to 0
Set Outline/Perimeter Shells to 1

Click Prepare to Print for the cube

You should see that the cube is 1 layer wide

Measure the wall thickness of this cube after it prints. My wall thickness measured in at 0.58

Now, to find out if the extrusion multiplier is accurate, run the following formula:
Desired Wall Thickness / Measured Wall Thickness * Extrusion multiplier = New Extrusion Multiplier
(Ex. 0.48 / 0.58 * 1.00 = 0.8275)

I will round the 0.8275 up to 0.83 and set this as my Extrusion Multiplier setting

Now to reprint the cube to ensure accuracy