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The time has come to remove your information from BIG TECH. This guide will show you how to get your data off of APPLE’s iCloud, so you can move it to Microsoft (who has largely, and wisely, stayed out of American Politics as of late)

First you will want to log into your iCloud account.
On your computer, open a Browser (not Chrome) and navigate to
Sign in
Click Calendar
On the left side, select the calendar you want to export
Click on the bars next to it
Select Public
Copy the web address. it will look something like this:
Open another browser window on your computer (Not Chrome)
Paste the following into the window:
And change the webcal text to https, so it looks like this:

Press Enter, and it will take some time, however your entire calendar will now be downloaded as an ics file

Make sure you do this for each of your calendars

To Import the data into Outlook
Open Outlook
Click File
Select Open & Export
Click Import Export
Choose Import and iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)
Click Next
Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the calendars to
Select a Calendar
Click OK
Choose Import
The calendar will import, and any errors that occur will be displayed
Once the import has completed, the dialog box will automatically close. So keep an eye on the success / failures during the import

Finally, it is time to clean up / delete your calendar from iCloud
Back to the iCloud Calendar page in your web browser
In the Calendar section to the left you will see the Edit link at the bottom
Select Edit
Then click the Red Circle next to each calendar that you want to delete, to remove it
Click Delete when prompted
Your calendar will now delete and your data will be safe from Apple moving forward