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MinexBank Coin Parking Renewal Process

How to Re-Park Your Minex Coins

Once you have your wallet setup to park, the renewal is pretty easy and quick.  The guide below walks you through the process

Go to

Login using your wallet address and your previously setup minexbank password

Calculate the best return rate over the course of 1 year, and park the coins for that long, even though you are not going to park them for 1 year.  For example the Weekly percentage is 1% (1% x 52 Weeks = 52% Return) and the Quarterly return is 27% (27% x 4 Quarters = 108% Return)

Select the amount of time you want the coins parked (ex: Quarterly)

Click Park All button

Click Create, and the coins are parked

Now take a look under the Active Parkings section of the web page, you will see the time left (89 days and whatever hours). Put a reminder in your calendar for when the parking return is paid, so 90 days from now, and then park the coins again.

Follow this process over and over for the greatest return.