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Simple, easy, fast backup utility for your mining rigs. I use this on mine, where Ubuntu 20.04 is running off of a usb drive.

Plug the Linux USB Drive into your Windows 10 computer

On a Windows 10 computer, download the latest version of the software from:

Extract the software on your windows computer
Double Click USB Image Tool, to launch the program
In the White box on the left, select the USB Drive that your Linux VM is on
Select Backup in the bottom menu
Pick the folder where you want the backup to save to
Give it a name like tacticalware
Press Enter
Your backup will begin

Once your backup completes you are ready to go.

To restore the image, you can use the same tool (USBIT), select your Image, Select the USB Drive, and click restore.

Simple, easy, fast….Thanks for reading

Install Xubuntu 13.04 onto USB Drive

Download Xubuntu 13.04 x64

Burn the iso to a DVD
(if you need instructions for this please visit this page:)

Insert the XUbuntu 13.04 x64 DVD into the PC

Insert the USB Drive that you will be running the OS on

Power on the computer

Select DVD Drive to boot from

The PC will boot from the DVD

Select Install XUbuntu

Make sure it is connected to the internet and click Continue

Select Something Else and click Continue

Hit the Drop Down menu and Select the USB Drive

My USB drive shows up as /dev/sdb1

Select the USB Drive and click the – symbol to delete all partitions

Select the USB Drive now and click the + symbol

Set the size to 1024, Set the USE AS to SWAP AREA, and click OK

Click on the Free Space on the USB Drive again and select the + symbol

Set the Mount Point to and click OK

Click on the USB drive one last time and select Install Now

Select your timezone and click Continue

Select your keyboard layout and click continue

Set your name, computer name, password, confirm the password, login automatically, and click Continue

The OS will now install to the USB Drive

After the Installation completes, click Restart Now

Remove the DVD

Boot from the USB Drive