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Mining LOKI with RX 580 Nitro on Windows 10

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Quick How-To Guide

I was recently approached by a gamer who had built a system over this past holiday season and wanted to get into mining with some of his rig’s spare cycles. We chatted a bit and decided LOKI had the most promise, so here is a quick how-to on what we did for his rig.

Download and install the LOKI Electron wallet from:

Once the wallet is downloaded, install it, create a loki address, and copy your wallet seed. You will need that in case you have to reinstall it somewhere else, some day.

Now for the fun part

Download the latest version of XMRIG from here (this will be your mining software)

Unzip the file to your desktop. You may have to add some exceptions to your Anti-Virus for it to work, because AV loves to throw all sorts of false positives

Once it is unpacked, open the XMRig Folder

Right click on START.BAT

Select Edit

Delete everything in this file, and replace it with the following:

@echo off 

xmrig.exe -a cn-trtl --donate-level 1 -o -u WALLET-ADDRESS-HERE -p w=Rig1 -k -o -u


Save the File, and Exit

Now double click on Start.bat

You will see your machine start mining LOKI