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To set the stage, my mining rigs are setup on Ubuntu 20.04, with NVidia 1080Ti Cards, and they are headless systems. On these systems, I use Putty to connect to them, and run them. You will notice that when you close putty, your miner will stop mining. Which can be a pain, because who wants to always have a Putty connection to their miner, especially when it is a headless system.

A fun little program that I have used for years and never thought of mentioning, is called Screen. Screen allows you to run your headless mining system, without putty being constantly attached, or having a keyboard / mouse / monitor attached.

To enable screen, you can do the following once you are logged in through putty
sudo bash
apt-get update
apt-get install screen

If you are running Ubuntu 20.04 you may find that it is already installed. If it is installed, to run it, simply do the following
screen ./program-name
and the program will run

For me I use it to run my custom mining scripts, so I will cd to the directory, and run
screen ./
The mining software will start up, and I can then close Putty, and the rig will continue to mine…..

If at any time you want to reconnect to your miner to see the progress:
Open Putty
Type screen -r
Press Enter
Your screen will reconnect

Thanks for reading!

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