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The following information below describes how to implement the following security recommendation from Microsoft:
Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) rules are the most effective method for blocking the most common attack techniques being used in cyber attacks and malicious software.
This ASR rule scans executable files entering the system to determine whether they’re trustworthy.

To address this security recommendation, perform the following:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center (
  2. Select “Endpoint security” and then “Attack surface reduction”.
  3. Click on “Create Policy” and select the platform “Windows 10 and later”.
  4. Choose the profile type “Attack surface reduction rules”.
  5. In the settings, find the rule “Use advanced protection against ransomware” and set it to “Block”.
  6. Assign the policy to the desired groups.


Most marketing emails contain a single pixel hidden in the email which tracks you. This pixel calls home, lets the marketers/spammers know that you opened the email, and begins tracking your movement through their system.

Here is how to block it within Outlook on your IOS device (ipad, iphone, etc)

Open Outlook

Click on the Avatar for you at the top left of the main screen

At the bottom left column you will see a gear. Click it

Find Mail Accounts

Click on your Office 365 Account / Google Account / Whatever you have for email

Find Block External Images

Turn it on

Thats it! Tracking pixel disabled


  • iPad

Here is a guide on how to clear the cookies from your iPad, when using Google Chrome. This is especially helpful, as more and more websites deposit cookies onto your system for tracking purposes. I don’t know about you, but I can say with the utmost certainty that I do not want to be tracked.

On your iPad
Open the Chrome app
Click the 3 Dots in the Top Right Corner “
Select Settings
Click Privacy
Select Clear Browsing Data
Click the RED Clear Browsing Data
Click the RED Clear Browsing Data (Yes this is the 3rd time clicking the same Text)
Your Browser Data will be cleared, which includes your Cookies and Site Data

Thanks for Reading

How to Install AIRGEDDON

This info is specific to Linux only

Open a terminal

sudo bash

mkdir /tools & cd /tools

git clone

cd airgeddon


sudo bash


apt-get install and name of tool thats missing

After the dependencies are all installed, run ./ and begin the configuration

Select your wireless card

Put wireless card into monitoring mode

Select WPS attacks menu – option 8

Select option 4

Select 2.4 ghz