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From time to time you will need to utilize a local sql server, for dev, testing, education, whatever. So here is a quick how-to on creating a local mssql server on your W10 pc.

Download and install the free version of SQL, called SQL Express:
Accept all the defaults, except for these few
Use your credentials when prompted
Select all packages to be installed

Once SQL Express is installed, download and install SQL Server Management Studio

Now you have both installed, open SQL Server Management Studio or SSMS for short, and connect to your local SQL Express Database
Connect to “localhost\sqlexpress
You dont have to put in any credentials if you selected to use your credentials earlier.

To do a test on the database, try restoring the AdventureWorksDW database
Right click on Databases
Select Restore database
Select the AdventureWorksDW file
Click Ok

You can now connect into your database using Power BI or another tool, and start playing around.

Thanks for reading