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In ParrotOS if you install torsocks using apt-get install torsocks, it installs fine, however you cannot run it from the commandline as it has the following error

PERROR torsocks[2859]: socks5 libc connect: Connection refused (in socks5_connect() at socks5.c:202)

To fix this error do the following

sudo nano /etc/tor/torsocks.conf

Scroll down to the TorPort line

Change 9050 to 9150

Now it should read
TorPort 9150

Press CTRL + X
Press Y to save

Now you can run torsocks

How to use WGET with TOR through torsocks

Quick how-to on using wget for a .onion site

Once Parrot OS is installed

Open Applications menu at the top left of the screen

Open TOR Launcher

Click Install TOR

Open a terminal

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install torsocks

Once installed, you can navigate to a terminal

torsocks wget to get the data through the tor network.

Example (change the links with valid ones):
torsocks wget
torsocks wget