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Running Check Disk on an ESXI VM

Windows 10 VM on an ESXi 6.7 Host

It couldn’t be easier. You don’t need to do it from the command line anymore. No more reboot needed. No more 7 hour waits…

Double click This PC from your desktop

Right click the drive you want to check

Select Properties

Select the Tools tab

Click Check

Click Scan Drive to start

Once it is finished….Follow these steps to view the Check Disk (CHKDSK) results:

Open Control Panel

Select Administrative Tools

Click Event Viewer

Open the Windows Logs

Select Application log

Right Click the Application log

Click Find

Type wininit in the dialog box

Click Find Next

Click the Source/wininit line once it is found

In the lower pane, the CHKDSK log will show

Read through it carefully