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Windows 10 – Office 365 Error [SOLVED]

“Product Notice. There was a problem checking this devices license status.Please sign in with the Office 365 account this device was activated with”: “Product Notice. There was a problem checking this devices license status.

This message will appear at the top of your office programs when you start it up. If it persists within Outlook, Word, etc, even after you have authenticated, the fix for this is as follows:

Close all of your Office 365 products

Navigate to the White Box next to your Start button and type CMD

The Command Prompt application will appear, Right Click on the app and select Run as Administrator

Now type: cd C:\program files\Microsoft office\office16   and press Enter

Next, type the following: cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus

This will take a minute to run and it will show you all the Keys within this directory. They usually show up as something like HY6LU or KY78N and so on. Make a note of each of these keys.

Now in your command prompt, type: cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey:HY6LU and press Enter. You WILL want to change HY6LU with the keys that you had made a note of above. Repeat this step for every key you have. Once you have cycled through all the keys, you can reboot your computer, and your office programs should work again without this error