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Home » Operating System » TEAMVIEWER 15.10 BROKEN ON UBUNTU 20.04


Teamviewer 15.10 on Ubuntu 20.04, does not work, end of story…For any of you who have been using teamviewer for a while now on your personal systems, teamviewer being broken on Ubuntu is nothing new…keeps happening, and is a HUUUUUGE pain, especially when you are running a mining rig at your house, and you are away for work. Well to fix it this time it is time is a bit easier, however I am not sure how long this fix will last. Teamviewer has an almost magical way of ruining these workarounds. Now, onto the fix…This is the quick fix to remove and replace teamviewer, with a working version of it on Ubuntu Server 20.04

Open a terminal
sudo bash
apt remove teamviewer
apt-get update
apt-get install gdebi-core
dpkg -i teamviewer-host_amd64.deb

If it fails, that’s ok because we will fix it here
apt-get -f install

After it installs successfully then type
teamviewer info

Take a note of your Teamviewer ID, you will need it later
teamviewer passwd YOURPASSWORDHERE

Now open teamviewer on another computer that you are logged into

Add the computer using the menu “Add Computer“ enter in your Teamviewer ID and the Password you used in YOURPASSWORDHERE

You can now Connect and your workaround to teamviewer 15.10 on ubuntu 20.04 should now be in place