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UBUNTU 20.04, 1080 TI, ETH MINING IN 2021

This is a quick guide on how to use T-Rex on your Ubuntu 20.04 mining rig to allow your NVidia 1080 Ti cards to mine Ethereum in 2021.

On the rig
Open a Terminal
sudo bash
Enter your password
mkdir /tacticalware
cd /tacticalware

If you have Cuda 10 installed, download the following, otherwise find the one for your Cuda version
Once it is downloaded
tar -zxvf t-rex-0.19.5-linux-cuda10.0.tar.gz

Now modify the contents of the file. I suggest replacing the mining site, and wallet address. My file looks like this:
./t-rex -a ethash –coin eth -o stratum+tcp:// -u 0xb6c1807520Fc60e39a29cD02a859c652B2910DB8 -w tacticalware

Note that there is a double dash before –coin and –fork. Sometimes your browser will show them as a double dash, sometimes it shows as a single long dash. they are double dashes

Save the file
Now you can launch it by running

It will begin to mine. To monitor it you can do it through a web browser. Simply look for the address when the miner begins

The address will look something like this, and be displayed right when you begin mining
ubuntu t-rex

When you browse to that site you will see something that looks like this:

That’t It. You are mining successfully. Thanks for reading

The hardware that I used in this guide:
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