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WordPress Double Dash Issue

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Removing Code to Enable Double Dashes in WordPress

WordPress, by default, changes the code you place into posts and merges items like “–” into “-” so articles don’t show properly. To fix this error do the following:

Modify your site’s wp-includes/formatting.php file

***Make a Backup Copy of this file before you modify it, so you can roll back if it doesnt work***

Remove the following lines:

// Dashes and spaces
$dynamic[‘/—/’] = $em_dash;
$dynamic[ ‘/(?<=^|’ . $spaces . ‘)–(?=$|’ . $spaces . ‘)/’ ] = $em_dash;
$dynamic[‘/(?<!xn)–/’] = $en_dash;
$dynamic[ ‘/(?<=^|’ . $spaces . ‘)-(?=$|’ . $spaces . ‘)/’ ] = $en_dash;
$dynamic_characters[‘dash’] = array_keys( $dynamic );
$dynamic_replacements[‘dash’] = array_values( $dynamic );

Save the file

Now browse to the pages on your website and refresh the page/pages that had the issue. You should now see the Double Dash “–“