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To set the stage, my mining rigs are setup on Ubuntu 20.04, with NVidia 1080Ti Cards, and they are headless systems. On these systems, I use Putty to connect to them, and run them. You will notice that when you close putty, your miner will stop mining. Which can be a pain, because who wants to always have a Putty connection to their miner, especially when it is a headless system.

A fun little program that I have used for years and never thought of mentioning, is called Screen. Screen allows you to run your headless mining system, without putty being constantly attached, or having a keyboard / mouse / monitor attached.

To enable screen, you can do the following once you are logged in through putty
sudo bash
apt-get update
apt-get install screen

If you are running Ubuntu 20.04 you may find that it is already installed. If it is installed, to run it, simply do the following
screen ./program-name
and the program will run

For me I use it to run my custom mining scripts, so I will cd to the directory, and run
screen ./
The mining software will start up, and I can then close Putty, and the rig will continue to mine…..

If at any time you want to reconnect to your miner to see the progress:
Open Putty
Type screen -r
Press Enter
Your screen will reconnect

Thanks for reading!

The hardware that I used in this guide:
Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (QTY 6):

Motherboard (QTY 1):

CPU (QTY 1):

Memory (QTY 1):

Hard Drive (QTY 1):

Risers (QTY 6):

Power Supplies (QTY 2):

Add2PSU (QTY 1):

Power Switch (QTY 1):


Recently I had to change the software on my rig. My rig is mining ETC on Ubuntu with NVidia 1080TI cards. I had to change it because claymore was not working the way it should with the site ethermine, hence the need to change mining software from claymore to ethminer. The following guide is how i did it.

Login to the headless rig
sudo bash
cd /
mkdir /miner
cd /miner

Once it downloads you then run
tar -zxvf *.gz
The software will unpack

cd bin
mv etc.txt
chmod +x

Change the wallet address to your wallet
Save the file and Exit

You should now be mining. Be sure to look at and monitor your wallet to verify that it is sending data back and forth to the site. It should take about 15 minutes to show up initially, so be patient.

The hardware that I used in this guide:
Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (QTY 6):

Motherboard (QTY 1):

CPU (QTY 1):

Memory (QTY 1):

Hard Drive (QTY 1):

Risers (QTY 6):

Power Supplies (QTY 2):

Add2PSU (QTY 1):

Power Switch (QTY 1):


Teamviewer 15.10 on Ubuntu 20.04, does not work, end of story…For any of you who have been using teamviewer for a while now on your personal systems, teamviewer being broken on Ubuntu is nothing new…keeps happening, and is a HUUUUUGE pain, especially when you are running a mining rig at your house, and you are away for work. Well to fix it this time it is time is a bit easier, however I am not sure how long this fix will last. Teamviewer has an almost magical way of ruining these workarounds. Now, onto the fix…This is the quick fix to remove and replace teamviewer, with a working version of it on Ubuntu Server 20.04

Open a terminal
sudo bash
apt remove teamviewer
apt-get update
apt-get install gdebi-core
dpkg -i teamviewer-host_amd64.deb

If it fails, that’s ok because we will fix it here
apt-get -f install

After it installs successfully then type
teamviewer info

Take a note of your Teamviewer ID, you will need it later
teamviewer passwd YOURPASSWORDHERE

Now open teamviewer on another computer that you are logged into

Add the computer using the menu “Add Computer“ enter in your Teamviewer ID and the Password you used in YOURPASSWORDHERE

You can now Connect and your workaround to teamviewer 15.10 on ubuntu 20.04 should now be in place


Using the default setup for Ubuntu, i have run into an issue where I cannot view Tiff Files. I receive the error “Failed to load tiff image”. So the fix for it is as follows:

Open your terminal

sudo bash

apt-get install feh

Once feh installs you can right click on the image and select Properties

Navigate to the Open With tab

Select FEH

Click Set as Default

That’s it. You can now view your tiff images


Here is an interesting, and easy fix to a nagging BS4 Error (bs4.FeatureNotFound) that I kept encountering. I was using a Windows 10 computer, running Ubuntu Server 20.04 through VMWare Workstation as my platform. If you see the following error

bs4.FeatureNotFound: Couldn’t find a tree builder with the features you requested: lxml. Do you need to install a parser library?

To fix it is easy, and simple.

Open a Terminal

sudo bash
pip3 install lxml

lxml will install, and your error will be fixed!