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How To Upgrade From Office 365 to Microsoft 365

This is a quick how-to when it comes to upgrading your subscription.

Go to


Click the Admin link

Navigate to Billing on the left and select Products & Services

Click on your Office 365 Subscription, in my case it is Office 365 Business Premium

Select Upgrade from the menu at the bottom of the screen

Find the plan that works for you. For me it was Microsoft 365 Business

Click Upgrade

Select the Billing cycle (Monthly or Yearly)

Click Go to checkout

Verify your billing information

Click Place Order

Your order is now complete and you can proceed to setting up the new features

Google Dorks

Search Handlers for Precise Results

Use one or a combination of these dorks when searching google, to narrow your results, and find precise information

cache: Search the cached version of any website (ex

allintext: Search text across all web pages (ex. allintext:google dorks)

intitle: Search for words in a page title (intitle:google dorks) Google will be searched as part of the title, and dorks has to be in the page somewhere

allintitle: Search page titles across all web pages (ex. allintitle:”Google Dorks”

inurl: Search for a single word in a URL (ex. inurl:dork)

allinurl: Search for a specific string contained in a URL (ex. allinurl:wp-admin)

filetype: Search for a specific file extension (ex. filetype:bak)

inanchor: Search text contained in a link (ex inanchor:”shodan dorks”)

intext: Search the text contained in a web page, across the internet (ex

intext:“how-to dork”)

link: List all pages with a certain link contained within (ex.

site: Shows a list of all indexed pages for a certain domain (ex.

Asterisk Wildcard – This will show you everything that could be, in the search results. Comes before, during, or after the search phrase (ex. intext:tactical*)

| – This will show all sites that contain a single word contained within a search, or a combination of words in the string (ex. google | dorks) will have results for google, for dorks, and for google dorks

link: List all pages with a certain link contained within (ex.
site: Shows a list of all indexed pages for a certain domain (ex.

“” – Insert a value between the quotes and this will show exact string results (ex. “Google Dorking”) will show all results with that exact text in that exact order

“+” – Used to find pages that use the the following words in the pages, in any order (ex. tacticalware + mining)

“–” – The minus sign will exclude results (ex. tacticalware – mining) will show results without information about mining

WordPress Double Dash Issue

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Removing Code to Enable Double Dashes in WordPress

WordPress, by default, changes the code you place into posts and merges items like “–” into “-” so articles don’t show properly. To fix this error do the following:

Modify your site’s wp-includes/formatting.php file

***Make a Backup Copy of this file before you modify it, so you can roll back if it doesnt work***

Remove the following lines:

// Dashes and spaces
$dynamic[‘/—/’] = $em_dash;
$dynamic[ ‘/(?<=^|’ . $spaces . ‘)–(?=$|’ . $spaces . ‘)/’ ] = $em_dash;
$dynamic[‘/(?<!xn)–/’] = $en_dash;
$dynamic[ ‘/(?<=^|’ . $spaces . ‘)-(?=$|’ . $spaces . ‘)/’ ] = $en_dash;
$dynamic_characters[‘dash’] = array_keys( $dynamic );
$dynamic_replacements[‘dash’] = array_values( $dynamic );

Save the file

Now browse to the pages on your website and refresh the page/pages that had the issue. You should now see the Double Dash “–“

Remove Duplicate Files Named “_conflict” in OwnCloud

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Remove Files and Regain Space in OwnCloud

This is a quick how to on removing all of you “_conflict” files all at once

On the OwnCloud server open up a terminal

sudo bash

Enter your password

cd /

find ./* -name *_conflict*
this will list all of the files

find ./* -name *_conflict* -delete
this will delete all of the files

Thats it!

Thank you

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Hi All

Thanks for checking out  Here I will be posting multitudes of information on Crypto, Mining, Linux, Power BI, and other topics that interest me.  Looking forward to building a resource for all to use.