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Shodan.IO At A Glance

Some Helpful Search Handlers Listed Below

Within the search box on, you can mix and match combinations of each of the following below to gather together results:

To Search by Country

To Search by Vulnerability using the CVE from HERE

These are self explainatory
city:”New York”
net: – ip address or range
org:”Verizon Wireless” – organization
after:”25/12/2018″ – results after a certain date
before:”25/12/2010 “– results before a certain date
os: – operating system
isp: – ISP managing their Net Block
postal: – postal code
product: – name of software or product
version: – version of software
uptime: – how long a host has been up

To Exclude Certain Results add a “-” sign
-city:”New York”

How to Revoke APP Access to Your Google Account

  • Privacy

Get Rid of Those Pesky Apps

The latest NVidia driver update will not download or install through the GeForce App, unless has access to your Google Account….Invasion of Privacy at it’s finest.  As soon as you have what you need, immediately revoke the access.  And ensure no other apps have access to your google account while you are logged in there

To revoke the access, go to:

Click on the App that has access

Click Remove Access