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This is a guide on how I have installed and configured NordVPN to work on Parrot OS

Open a terminal
sudo bash
sh <(curl -sSf

After it installs type
nordvpn login
Enter your username
Enter your password

Once you are logged in type
nordvpn set killswitch on

Select the countries to vpn through by typing
nordvpn countries

Select the country
nordvpn cities Vietnam
Hanoi – will be listed

Now type:
nordvpn connect Vietnam Hanoi

Once you are done with Nord type:
nordvpn disconnect


A simple way to prove who was attacking you, is to track their MAC address back to the hardware in their computer. This has helped prove case after case against malicious actors. One way to safeguard against this, is to change your mac address, and luckily this software is readily available in Parrot OS

To change your mac address:
Open a Terminal
sudo bash
Enter your password
Note the adapters you have, for this, we are going to change our WIreless adapter, named WLAN2
ifconfig WLAN2 down
macchanger -a WLAN2
ifconfig WLAN2 up

That’s it. Your mac address is now spoofed


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Your vehicle tracks you. It knows where you were, how fast you were driving, if your phone was in use, and a wealth of other information. Privacy in this digital age is paramount. Here is how you reset the data

From an iPhone (if you have an Android you can go to their website for instructions):

Download the Privacy4Cars App
Register in the App
Once you register, open the app
Enter your Vehicle’s VIN number
Select your Make / Model
Select your Radio type
Click Start Process

Follow the onscreen instructions, to reset your vehicle to the factory defaults

That’s it! Privacy unlocked

You only get 2 FREE wipes, so use them wisely

Display Wifi Passwords Stored on a Windows 10 Computer

Show All Stored Wireless Keys

Open a Command Prompt on the Windows 10 Computer and type:

netsh wlan show profiles

Identify the network you want to show the password for…Ex. HOME

netsh wlan show profile name=HOME key=clear

Look for the line that says Key Content and that will be your wireless password.

A tip for the masses. Once a user is done on your network, erase your network from their device….otherwise your password can be compromised and your privacy is at risk.

AND if you have the ability to have a guest network at your house, set it up. Keep your network secure.

ZMap and ZGrab Installation

Installing the packages on a Ubuntu 18.04 system

In the coming weeks I will be writing more about how to check the perimeter of your network, understand what data is leaking out from it, and how to safeguard your network, and especially your wallet from bad actors. These tools are the beginning, I will wrap it altogether piece by piece.

Log into your Ubuntu rig

Install zmap and zgrab

sudo bash

apt install zmap

apt install golang-go

go get

cd /home/USERNAME/go/src/

go build

Test it by running the following from a remote system, against your network

zmap -p 30303 (Your Public IP Here) –output-fields=* –output-file=results.csv | zgrab –port 30303 -banners –output-file=banners.json

Shodan.IO At A Glance

Some Helpful Search Handlers Listed Below

Within the search box on, you can mix and match combinations of each of the following below to gather together results:

To Search by Country

To Search by Vulnerability using the CVE from HERE

These are self explainatory
city:”New York”
net: – ip address or range
org:”Verizon Wireless” – organization
after:”25/12/2018″ – results after a certain date
before:”25/12/2010 “– results before a certain date
os: – operating system
isp: – ISP managing their Net Block
postal: – postal code
product: – name of software or product
version: – version of software
uptime: – how long a host has been up

To Exclude Certain Results add a “-” sign
-city:”New York”

How to Revoke APP Access to Your Google Account

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Get Rid of Those Pesky Apps

The latest NVidia driver update will not download or install through the GeForce App, unless has access to your Google Account….Invasion of Privacy at it’s finest.  As soon as you have what you need, immediately revoke the access.  And ensure no other apps have access to your google account while you are logged in there

To revoke the access, go to:

Click on the App that has access

Click Remove Access